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Contact us to learn more about the Chao Pinhole Technique and whether it is the right treatment for your gum recession!

Revolutionary Technique

Chao Pinhole®

Checks No scalpels or sutures

Checks Enhanced comfort and healing

Checks Stops gum recession and restores your smile!


If your gums are receding, your root surface may be exposed, resulting in discomfort or sensitivity. Let our team restore your gums to health!

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• A revolutionary technique that can correct gum recession and restore gum health

Gum Images

• Leading-edge technology and procedure for enhanced comfort and results

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• Gum tissue is gently loosened and moved back over an area of recession

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• No cuts, no stitches

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• Faster recovery

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• Immediate cosmetic improvement

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Why Choose Us?

• The Chao Pinhole technique is practiced by only a few doctors in Texas, including Dr. Rashid Beirute-Prada.

• Our dentists and team have specialized training in this technique.

• Dr. Prada has been using this technique for over five years, renewing and restoring gum health for many patients.

• We offer financial options to help you receive the treatment you need!