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Snap-On Dentures

Say No! To Traditional Dentistry

Checks A more comfortable fit

Checks Improved chewing and speaking

Checks More stability

Checks Eat what you love

Checks Feel confident smiling!

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Replace Your Teeth and Renew Your Smile!


Stability With Snap-On Dentures:

Checks Installed over strong dental implants that prevent dentures from loosening, moving or “floating”

Checks Strong foundation allows normal eating and speaking function

Checks Beautiful restoration for a full smile you can feel confident sharing!

Which Option Is Best for Me?


Traditional Dentures

checks Removable

checks Not secured over dental implants

checks May loosen in the mouth

checks More difficulty with eating and speaking

Snap Dentures

Snap-On Dentures

checks Removable

checks Secured over dental implants

checks Improved stability in the mouth

checks More normal eating and speaking

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Meet Our Dentist

Dr. Rashid Beirute-Prada is looking forward to helping you achieve a new, beautiful smile. Our team uses the latest technology to give our patients new smiles that serve them well for many years or even the rest of their lives. Come see our highly trained team at Midway Dental Solutions, which has been open for more than 20 years!

Benefits of Snap-On Dentures

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Your new dentures will be designed to fit your mouth comfortably.
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Snap-on dentures provide better eating and speaking function than removable dentures do.
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The enhanced stability of snap-on dentures keeps them from loosening.
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Your diet can remain the same.