At Midway Dental Solutions, our dentists offer several periodontal services to treat gum disease and other conditions that affect your mouth’s soft tissue. Our periodontal services include:

Chao Pinhole® Technique
  • Easy treatment and easy recovery
  • Scalpel-free, suture-free, discomfort-free
  • New level of oral health and quality of life

If your gums are receding, your root surface may be exposed, resulting in discomfort or sensitivity. Let our team restore your gums to health.

  • Take back the health of your gums and revitalize your oral health.
  • Cutting-edge technology combines with our team’s expertise for comfortable treatment.
  • No lengthy waiting periods before or after your treatment. Complete ease!
  • Comfortable procedure
  • Painless recovery
  • Healthy gums and smile

Our whole team is experienced and ready to help you achieve your optimal level of oral health.

Deep Periodontal Cleanings

Our talented dentists may suggest deep periodontal cleanings, also known as scaling and root planing, to help halt the spread of gum disease. If gum disease is not treated, it may cause severe problems to your oral health and overall health. To learn more about scaling and root planing in Rockwall, Texas, and to make an appointment with Dr. Rashid Beirute-Prada or Dr. Brad Salter, call Midway Dental Solutions at 972-412-0014 today!

Scaling and root planing is one of the most common and effective treatments recommended for gum disease before it becomes severe. This is a deep cleaning treatment that includes two main steps:

  • Scaling: In scaling, we remove plaque and tartar (dental calculus) from the tooth surface.
  • Root Planing: This step involves cleaning the roots of the teeth, smoothing the root to remove bacterial toxins.

The goals of scaling and root planing are to remove bacteria, plaque, and tartar, and to halt the progress of the disease. While most scaling and root planing treatments can be completed comfortably without anesthetic, our dentist is happy to offer anesthetic and other comfort options to make certain that you feel at ease during your treatment. The scaling and root planing treatment may be split up into several appointments, in which we treat one section of the mouth at each appointment.

Scaling and root planing may be combined with other types of periodontal therapy, such as antibiotic treatment. For most patients, scaling and root planing is enough to prevent periodontal disease from progressing further. For more information about the benefits of scaling and root planing, and to learn more about the other types of periodontal treatment we offer, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

Oral Pathology

Dr. Rashid Beirute-Prada is committed to helping your family achieve and maintain good oral health. Oral health is very closely tied to your overall health, so our dentists and team will work with you to find the best possible treatment plan to help you enjoy a healthy smile and good overall health. To learn more about our oral pathology in Rockwall, Texas, and to make an appointment at Midway Dental Solutions, call our office at 972-412-0014 today!

At our office, we are dedicated to helping you stay in optimal oral and overall health. This includes striving to detect and diagnose any conditions or abnormalities as early as possible so you can receive the treatment you need. During your visits to our office, our dentist and team will check for changes in your oral health and appearance, as well as any other abnormalities that may signal a pathological process. The most serious of these is oral cancer, which has a much higher chance of being successfully treated when it is identified early. We may also detect diseases such as salivary gland disorders, mumps, odontogenic infection, and more. The following signs may signal a pathological process or cancerous growth:

  • A chronic sore throat or hoarseness
  • A sore in the mouth or on the lips, face, or neck that bleeds easily and does not heal within two weeks
  • Difficulty or pain when chewing or swallowing
  • A lump or thickening in the skin lining the inside of the mouth
  • Red, white, or speckled red and white patches in the mouth
  • A change in how the teeth fit together or in how your dentures or other oral appliances fit

If you notice any of these symptoms, we encourage you to contact our office for a thorough exam. We may use several types of diagnostic techniques and tools, including radiographic, microscopic, biochemical, and other in-office examinations. For more information, please feel free to contact us today.

Periodontal Surgery

Periodontal surgery may be necessary if you have advanced periodontal disease that has affected your facial bone structure. At Midway Dental Solutions, our team will work diligently to help you feel comfortable before, during and after your surgery. To learn more about periodontal surgery in Rockwall, Texas, and to make a consultation appointment with our friendly dentists, Dr. Rashid Beirute-Prada and Dr. Brad Salter, call our office at 972-412-0014 today!

If you have a more advanced stage of periodontal disease, your teeth and supporting bone structure will be affected as well as your gum tissue. Your teeth may become loose or uncomfortable as a result, making gum surgery necessary.

There are several types of gum surgery that may be recommended, depending on the stage of the disease and your individual needs. These include:

  • Gingival flap surgery (pocket reduction) – this form of periodontal surgery helps to reduce the depth of your periodontal pockets by separating the gum tissue and conducting a thorough cleaning before reattaching the tissue.
  • Gingivectomy – this procedure is performed to remove excess gum tissue that is covering the teeth and provide a better area to clean the teeth.
  • Gingivoplasty – this form of surgery is used the reshape the healthy gum tissue around the teeth to give you a healthier and more attractive appearance. Crown lengthening and gum grafting are forms of gingivoplasty, as it takes healthy gum tissues and stitches it into place in an area where gum tissue has receded.

Our dentist and team will provide you with detailed post-surgery instructions, including how to properly clean the treated area.

For more information about periodontal surgery and to schedule a consultation with our experienced dentist, please call our office today.

After periodontal treatment, Dr. Rashid Beirute-Prada can provide dental implants to restore your smile back to its original look and function. To learn more about periodontics in Rockwall, Texas, and to make your appointment, call our office at 972-412-0014 today. We look forward to helping you attain good oral health!

Periodontics is the dental specialty focused on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal disease and other conditions that affect the gums and soft tissues of the mouth. Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is an infection caused by bacteria in plaque. When plaque builds up on the teeth, the bacteria irritate and inflame the gum tissues. If this condition is not treated in the early stage, called gingivitis, it can develop into periodontitis, which is the more advanced stage of gum disease. Gingivitis is characterized by red, tender, bleeding, and swollen gums, while periodontitis typically involves gum recession and can eventually lead to bone loss and tooth loss. Gingivitis can usually be controlled and even reversed with additional professional cleanings and improved at-home oral care if the condition is diagnosed and treated early; periodontitis, on the other hand, generally requires more involved, frequent treatment. We are pleased to provide high-quality treatment for gum disease at our office to return your smile to good health.

In addition to treatment for periodontal disease, periodontics includes the placement of dental implants. Dental implant placement requires specialized, advanced training for optimal results. To learn more about periodontics and how we can care for your smile, we welcome you to contact us today. Our dentist and team look forward to caring for you!

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